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Web Development and Design

Funnelsoft uses WordPress as more than 30% of all websites on the internet today are designed using WordPress! This means there are constant upgrades to security, functionality & user friendliness.

You can create simple single page websites if you are unsure what you want or you can dive into something complex. Whatever you choose, our team of experienced developers will secure and maintain the site from outside brute force attacks.

Web Development Explained

Our developers work with software that allows you to make upgrades or changes to your sites. This means that if you are growing your business and you need to allow clients to create their own user on your site then we can make that happen! I would imagine you want a say in the look and feel of your site too?? Maybe you need something unique like a contact form to relieve you of some admin work?  Let our developers design & explain just how easy it is.

You just have to give us your problem and we will find the solution.

Websites We Offer

1. Wedding/ Engagement Sites

2. Custom Sites (As many Pages as you need)

3. e-Commerce / Online Stores

4. Basic Website (1-4 Pages)

You can have anything from a Non Profit to a Large E-Commerce store and im sure we will be the perfect fit for you.

Why WordPress Care Plans Matter Right Now

WordPress Care Plans are essential with WordPress currently powering over 30% of all Internet websites, there is no doubt about its dominance as the software of choice for designing and developing websites.

This enormous backing of developers shows its not at risk for the foreseeable future.

What is included in the WordPress Care plan?

Websites rely on 24-hour availability & security as millions of hackers try and steal information every minute of everyday. This is why we have included the below in our packages

WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress Theme an Plugin Updates

This service includes the following:

Automated backups prior to every update (see below).

Management of all core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly or daily basis.

Review of the WordPress site directly after update implementation to verify no issues occurred as a result.


Security Monitoring

The online shift has made all websites a target for hackers. This makes website security a critical aspect of any business. Security services include:

Implementation of a firewall (if there isn’t one yet).

Implement of an SSL certification (again, if it doesn’t exist).

Installation of a WordPress security plugin.

Automated email notifications regarding the site’s security status and warnings.

Cleanup assistance after a security breach.



Back ups

Backups are an essential piece of website care. Funnelsoft will ensure regular backups are taken of the site to ensure no valuable data is lost. Regular backups are like a protection of your investment.

If a plugin update should take the site down, if an employee went rogue and introduced some unwanted updates to the content, or if a hacker targets the site.

Ensuring there is a recently saved copy of your database is critical to reversing damage and getting your site back up if it goes down.

Up-time Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor for daily, weekly, and monthly up-time issues. Funnelsoft will address all problems identified with up-time or speed.




Funnelsoft allow, Website migrations to be an easy process to follow, if all parties involved have the correct communication channels as it can depend on timing as well.

Multiple domains  can be migrated after consulting with the developers and getting approval.

This will ensure the service if efficient and time effective.


Technical Support

Tech Support

We are here to serve our clients and answer any queries you may have.

This is a fundamental in all our Care Plan packages in order to handle the many, seemingly small, troubleshooting tasks with support requests which pop up over the course of the month.

We are with you as an extension of your Marketing & IT Support team and we want to help you grow your business.

Website ordering in just a few minutes

With this online food ordering system for restaurants, you can easily take food orders directly from your Website / Facebook Page

See MENU & Order
Table Reservation


Do You Have A Mobile Menu App ?

Website SEO Services

Website SEO Services, Search Engine Optimization, is the process where we make changes to your web pages in the form of back links & unique content. Google trusts them enough to share it with their users who are searching for it using specific keywords. The process is required by google if you want to rank on their first pages of the search engines. Funnelsoft will work with you to get you to that number 1 spot by use of Web Development Changes, Social Media & Directory Listings.


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, is a process by which digital marketers get google to trust your web pages. It allows them to be more discover able by the search engines without using paid ads. We do this by using keywords is the unique content, social media sharing, Directory Listings which take you to the first pages of the google, bing & yahoo search engines, creating more traffic for your site and more money in your pocket.


Why would I need a Digital Marketing SEO Company?

Website SEO, is the basis on which all online ranking algorithms run. Without these specific set of rules, the specific & reliable content that users search for would be difficult to find. To most this is a complex process. We keep the explanation about what we do and sell, short and to the point. We add all the relevant keywords in the sentence structures. The search engines do not discriminate, They like specific topics, relevant keywords & the perfect word count to explain it all without their users getting bored of reading. It is crucial to learn these rules that govern search engines or to have someone around who knows these rules & regulations so as to not result in your loss of traffic from potential customers

We do not start with SEO, we first grow your brand online with a user friendly experience. After this we drive traffic to your website and convert them into your buying customers.

Domain Registration and Website Hosting Services

Funnelsoft is a Domain Registration & Website Hosting Services Company and we believe everyone should be able to afford a website and that is why we offer our basic and advanced packages.

Web Hosting Services

These include:

  • – Storage
  • -SQL Databases
  • -Bandwidth
  • -FTP
  • -Email Accounts

What are Domain Services?

Domain registration & hosting is done on the back end of your site and allows the website to be viewable on public web pages. Funnelsoft will ensure your website is up to date with updates and running 24/7.

What are Website Hosts?

A Website Host provides a platform on which organisations can showcase their businesses to the world.

Website Hosts provide security on Internet protocols which  keep our clients information safe. It is also a lot safer for you and I to browse as well.

Our Hosting Plans are affordable with 24/7 online and Remote Support from our team.

Your wedding website & Evites need to be beautifully designed to not only look good and capture how you are feeling but to ensure functionality that helps with the organisation of your special day. Getting your entire family and friends to be in the same spot for a few hours is a challenging feat nowadays.

Wedding Websites & E-vites need information to accomplish this:

  • Detailed RSVP lists & their contact details?
  • Guest Menu choices?
  • Do your guests have Allergies?
  • What are their Song Preferences?
  • Maybe they want to share a memory or a message on your site?
  • The list varies from couple to couple.

What is Facebook?

Launched in 2004, it now has over 1 billion users. Facebook is the largest + most popular social media network.

It promotes a conversation around brand experiences. 1 out of 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook.

Facebook Training (Why Book Us?)Facebook Training

Our Facebook Trainers know how overwhelming Social Media can be. Facebook has changed drastically in the last 10 years and continues to do so. We prepare easily comprehensible content for our clients to understand and customise it to fit with their level of understanding, wherever they may be in their social media journey. Facebook now has the ability to replace an entire sales force so it’s time to get on board or be left behind. That is why we offer customised training packages for your specific needs.

Facebook Management

We offer:

  • Simple management of Facebook business pages
  • Ad Campaigns
  • New Builds
  • Weekly Post Sharing
  • Remote Access Training
  • Calender Campaigns
  • Tutorial Videos

Sell your services online

Shopify has everything you need to build an online store

Whether you’re a Writer, a Business Coach or a Fridge repair specialist, Sell your products/services online to expand your business and lead generators. Where you aware the general consumer will use the web over most other advertising mediums to find products or services? When you display your business online you are showing your product to thousands of people who have the potential to influence your business.

Ecommerce doesn’t have to be hard

Shopify is a comprehensive, fully hosted ecommerce solution. I will take you through everything you need to know or i can create it for you. Once you are set up I will show you how to operate your online store and track sales/leads. There are multiple themes to choose from so a lack of choice is not a concern for the design aspect. Shopify supplies you with an advanced shopping cart, seamless order processing, secure hosting, quick servers and practical apps to help you make the most of your ecommerce service store.


Our Development Team uses Google Analytics Services which allows you to see what is working in your business, Where your visitors come from or go to and to answer your Biggest question… WHY?? By knowing how many visitors pass through your site you can always measure whats working and fix what is not. Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Google launched the service on 14 November 2005.


Improve The Customer Experience With Digital Analytics.

Google Analytics allows you to analyze data on your websites using digital tools all on 1 Dashboard. This allows you to understand your client in far greater detail and improve the customers experience. You can then report on the insights that you are interested in seeing and share them with anyone you please.

What Can Google Analytics Do For Me?


Add The Missing Piece.

Understand your site and the audience who pass through  it so you can better measure the metrics of your  website and in such detail. Google’s  opened up it’s machine learning capabilities to the world to help you understand your customer better so you can provide fast efficient service. You can view this on your mobile phone or tablet.

Digitize Results

Whatever we measure improves and Google Analytics is built to integrate with Googles Products so you can get answers to the questions you ask and make the impact you need to make. Process and share massive amounts of data quickly with an easy-to-use interface combined with shareable reports.


Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics Pre-Audit & Application Strategy so as to Ensure for the perfectly setup Google Analytics account.

Our analysts are well trained & experienced to monitor and activity from the data collected on your site. We ensure the data is clean and secure so we can trust it. Not only do we setup the account but we fix irregularities

We work best along side you to ensure a streamline & accurate measurement strategy that best aligns with the goals and view of your business. After this we go back to basics and build from scratch with new goal tracking so we know how we can serve you best.

Google Analytics Care Plan & Consulting Keeping you updated in time to take action.

Collecting data is easy but filtering the data to get answers to your questions.. That’s where we come in. We will guide you and work with you to ask and answer questions on an ongoing relationship.

If you are battling to put us in a particular category then you could say we are an outside Marketing & IT Support team. We are always 1 call away and we will provide consistent & accurate reporting that you can take effective action on. We will set rules and regulate the account ensuring all the web data is accurate and allows you to grow your business even further .


Why Use WordPress?

More than 30% of all websites & web pages on the internet today are developed using WordPress!

Our focus is web development, We create user-friendly websites for all kinds of people, Nonprofit organisations or businesses.  From a portfolio website for photographers and athletes, list-building and content publishing sites, to eCommerce and online stores. Funnel hacking, web development training and Facebook ads to list a few…

We can create a great website for almost any purpose. We use the WordPress platform, which is customizable, scalable and it can work for any application. Plus, it gives you an easy interface to make changes and add new items. It’s extremely easy for you to modify and add to your website through the WordPress dashboard. Since the start of the 21st century the web has become more and more integrated into peoples lives. As this has happened the technology of the web has also moved on. There have also been significant changes in the way people use and access the web, and this has changed how websites are designed.

Starting at R1250, Our websites are affordable! We’re always available to our clients for help and support. Because we host & design websites for our clients, we’re always keeping WordPress and plugins updated and secure. Hosting and maintenance starts at R100/month.

We also provide extensive Website Care and Maintenance plans at levels of R250/month and R450/month.

Use our contact form, send an email or call. I know we can get it done.

How Much will it cost me ???