Salt Lick Eco Surf
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Salt Lick Eco Surf

Some Insight

Salt Lick is an Eco friendly brand that is striving to make a difference in the world. We believe there is a much more sustainable way to produce products without compromising performance or style.  

What’s to come

We are currently developing high performance surfboards made from a much greener bio resin and will be utilizing mother natures natural materials (Hemp) in our laminating process. The good news for all you Eco conscious humans is our work does not end there. We are currently working on producing an Eco friendly clothing line that will blow your minds.  

The Mastermind

I’m sure you are all wondering who will be creating these magical sticks for you to carve up your favourite breaks on. Well a surfing legend who needs very little introduction, a man that was sent out on The Search to find the perfect wave, no other than the guru himself Frankie Oberholzer. 

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