Web Services?

Web Services cover a variety of functions of the Web Developer. Funnelsoft Web developers  will create your website with it’s own unique theme, design, colour and layout, to ensure it aligns best with the goals of the business! Our Website Development department @ Funnelsoft, will be the only team you need for your Web Design, Website Hosting, Graphic Design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and E-Commerce (Online Stores). 

We will ensure this all fits in with your budget and requirements so you can focus on the daily running of the business.

Web Services

Why Do I need Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)?

It is difficult enough trying to maintain the business without having to worry that people can find you. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of continuously updating your website & managing content so that your website makes it to the top pages in Google. In a nutshell SEO is a form of lead generation where if your customer has a problem they are searching to solve, you will come up as the solution. The Websites we develop here at Funnelsoft are Mobile responsive as we know the world is moving more efficiently thus creating an ultra user friendly experience on all devices.


Web Services

Will My Website Increase Visibility & Sales?

When we design & develop a website we aim to stand out with a unique feel that represents the business while being secure, reliable and last but not least, affordable. We drive traffic to the website through SEO or Social Media Channels thus resulting in Leads for your business.

Any business owner knows leads are potential sales so to answer the question, Yes, We increase visibility & sales with all the sites we create and drive. Our websites are accessible on all devices and are easy to navagate which means an overall great experience for the client. Generate leads and grow your business to its full potential by creating your website today.


Have an old website that needs a Do Over?

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