What is Facebook?

Launched in 2004, it now has over 1 billion users. Facebook is the largest + most popular social media network.

It promotes a conversation around brand experiences. 1 out of 7 minutes online is spent on Facebook.

Facebook Training (Why Book Us?)Facebook Training

Our Facebook Trainers know how overwhelming Social Media can be. Facebook has changed drastically in the last 10 years and continues to do so. We prepare easily comprehensible content for our clients to understand and customise it to fit with their level of understanding, wherever they may be in their social media journey. Facebook now has the ability to replace an entire sales force so it’s time to get on board or be left behind. That is why we offer customised training packages for your specific needs.

Facebook Management

We offer:

  • Simple management of Facebook business pages
  • Ad Campaigns
  • New Builds
  • Weekly Post Sharing
  • Remote Access Training
  • Calender Campaigns
  • Tutorial Videos


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