Web Development and Design

Funnelsoft uses WordPress as more than 30% of all websites on the internet today are designed using WordPress! This means there are constant upgrades to security, functionality & user friendliness.

You can create simple single page websites if you are unsure what you want or you can dive into something complex. Whatever you choose, our team of experienced developers will secure and maintain the site from outside brute force attacks.

Web Development Explained

Our developers work with software that allows you to make upgrades or changes to your sites. This means that if you are growing your business and you need to allow clients to create their own user on your site then we can make that happen! I would imagine you want a say in the look and feel of your site too?? Maybe you need something unique like a contact form to relieve you of some admin work?  Let our developers design & explain just how easy it is.

You just have to give us your problem and we will find the solution.

Websites We Offer

1. Wedding/ Engagement Sites

2. Custom Sites (As many Pages as you need)

3. e-Commerce / Online Stores

4. Basic Website (1-4 Pages)


You can have anything from a Non Profit to a Large E-Commerce store and im sure we will be the perfect fit for you.



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