Domain Registration and Website Hosting Services

Funnelsoft is a Domain Registration & Website Hosting Services Company and we believe everyone should be able to afford a website and that is why we offer our basic and advanced packages.

Website Hosting Services

These include:

  • – Storage
  • -SQL Databases
  • -Bandwidth
  • -FTP
  • -Email Accounts

What are Domain Services?

Domain registration & hosting is done on the back end of your site and allows the website to be viewable on public web pages. Funnelsoft will ensure your website is up to date with updates and running 24/7.

What are Website Hosts?

A Website Host provides a platform on which organisations can showcase their businesses to the world.

Website Hosts provide security on Internet protocols which  keep our clients information safe. It is also a lot safer for you and I to browse as well.

Our Hosting Plans are affordable with 24/7 online and Remote Support from our team.

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