Why WordPress Care Plans Matter Right Now

WordPress Care Plans are essential with WordPress currently powering over 30% of all Internet websites, there is no doubt about its dominance as the software of choice for designing and developing websites.

This enormous backing of developers shows its not at risk for the foreseeable future.

What is included in the WordPress Care plan?

Websites rely on 24-hour availability & security as millions of hackers try and steal information every minute of everyday. This is why we have included the below in our packages

WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates

This service includes the following:

Automated backups prior to every update (see below).

Management of all core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly or daily basis.

Review of the WordPress site directly after update implementation to verify no issues occurred as a result.

Security Monitoring

The online shift has made all websites a target for hackers. This makes website security a critical aspect of any business. Security services include:

Implementation of a firewall (if there isn’t one yet).

Implement of an SSL certification (again, if it doesn’t exist).

Installation of a WordPress security plugin.

Automated email notifications regarding the site’s security status and warnings.

Cleanup assistance after a security breach.


Backups are an essential piece of website care. Funnelsoft will ensure regular backups are taken of the site to ensure no valuable data is lost. Regular backups are like a protection of your investment.

If a plugin update should take the site down, if an employee went rogue and introduced some unwanted updates to the content, or if a hacker targets the site.

Ensuring there is a recently saved copy of your database is critical to reversing damage and getting your site back up if it goes down.


Up-time Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor for daily, weekly, and monthly up-time issues. Funnelsoft will address all problems identified with up-time or speed.



Funnelsoft allow, Website migrations to be an easy process to follow, if all parties involved have the correct communication channels as it can depend on timing as well.

Multiple domains  can be migrated after consulting with the developers and getting approval.

This will ensure the service if efficient and time effective.

Technical Support

We are here to serve our clients and answer any queries you may have.

This is a fundamental in all our Care Plan packages in order to handle the many, seemingly small, troubleshooting tasks with support requests which pop up over the course of the month.

We are with you as an extension of your Marketing & IT Support team and we want to help you grow your business.



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